Our Borg/ICG Methodologies

In modern-day Gold, Diamond & Precious Metals acquisition and liquidation, serious investors recognize that investments in non-vetted companies and their transactions provide little security and are too risky and short-lived. They want to partner with aggressive and forward-thinking companies that have a clear and viable concept; who can manage buy/sell contracts with consistant on-the-ground sources; that can think “outside the box” and concentrate their internal resources and energies on that small core of activities that create the real uniqueness and value-added for the company. Great ideas and great business models tied to performance, build great companies. Borg/ICG is such a company changing how global commodity acquisition is performed.

Borg/ICG knows that without revenue, growth and profit, it cannot invest in or create its own business future. That growth must come from within the company itself; from its own core competencies, and from its global acquisitions, investments, assets under management and financial partnerships via Borg/ICG Executives and Management Consultants. Our approach to managing core competencies strategically is not just a technical task or a senior management task; it is a task for the entire Borg/ICG global organization. From the Vice-Presidents managing the ICG Business Models; to the Project Managers working on-the-ground with miners and sellers; to the Acquisition, Private Jet and Security Teams working with gold and diamond Miners and Sellers; and to the processing and refinery partners handling gold dust, nuggets or doré bars in Africa or in North and South America ... Borg/ICG has a vested interest both physically and financially as it controls all the associated processes from start to finish.

The vital role of Visionary and Disruptive Developer of each Borg and ICG project and business model, therefore, is essentially one of energizing the entire organization – all members and associates at all levels, in all functions; in every regional or global location. Every member of the Consortium Groups since June 2009 believes in the original vision and purpose of its Founder and the new business models that has been developed since then. The Founder/President & CEO of Borg and ICG has for over the past eight years created a global network of on-the-ground business model VPs, Project Managers, Consultants, developed Seller and JV mining partners of gold and diamonds, financial monetizer and trader resources, banking partners and alliance partners providing logistics, mining, processing and refining services. Through the creation of its own internal gold & diamond buy/sell Platform mechanism, Borg/ICG has taken full control of the supply, financial and demand aspects of this niche industry sector, operating within a captive and disruptive environment. 


Pronunciation: dis-ruhp-tiv
Function:  adjective

1:  involving or tending to cause disruption in known processes
2:  to break or split common concepts or ways apart
3:  to interrupt or change the process of a normal activity   
4:  to throw standard methodologies into turmoil or disorder
5:  broken apart by force, efficiency, performance or technology
6:  forcible separation or division into parts, sections or models
7:  changing or diversifying common methods into new ones