The Global Project Team

The global Project Team starts with a Vice-President that is assigned to a specific ICG business model, project, acquisition or financial partnership. They can execute mandated projects with or without additional ICG team members. The Mandate plays the role of presenting project finance alternatives, gold and diamond buy/sell procedures to the Seller along with negotiating and monitoring the transaction. The Project Manager finds and develops on-the-ground Miners/Sellers and works with an ICG appointed Lawyer/Solicitor or Operations Center facility to conduct Table Top Meetings (TTMs). The ICG Acquisition Team is responsible for securing the Gold/Diamond products and bringing it and the Seller’s Rep to ICG’s refinery or end-buyer for final assay and direct payment. The Consultant provides on-the-ground intelligence to the Project Team.  

                          The Global Financial Team

The global Financial Team begins with the Financial Project Managers that locate Investor/Clients from around the world that partner with ICG through an Asset Placement Agreement via Cash, Banking Instruments or Private Assets. The Investor/Client shares in the profits 50/50 with ICG for a specific investment period via secured buy/sell contracts with our global Sellers. ICG’s Global Asset Management Group leverages Cash, Assets or Banking Instruments to finance ICG projects. ICG’s Financial Services Group concludes all transactions after final assay of the gold and end-buyer purchase of diamonds via it’s appointed Trust Attorney/Paymaster to distribute profits to Investor/Clients and project participants. 

                     The Global Management Team

The global Support Team starts with the Founder, President & CEO of Borg Global Holdings the International Consortium Groups who approves, develops and monitors every project from start to finish via Lean Management concepts and Business Rules through appointed business model Vice-Presidents. The appointed Contracts and Compliance Lawyers/Solicitors provides all due-diligence, contract validation and payment/export fee distribution compliance to local government agencies and exporters during the transaction periods. The Global Financial Services Group VP’s channel investors and financiers that are capable of funding and financing ICG global projects as a JV partner including gold/diamond transactions, mining equipment, acquisition support, logistics and export fees. The Trust Attorney and Paymaster distributes all project profits & fees via wire transfer and sends Trust Account and Pay Order Reports to ICG’s CEO, Compliance VP and CPA. The Embassy/Consulate Services VP will assist ICG in developing commodity Sellers & JV Partners in foreign countries.      


             "The Power of Three"


Pronunciation: a-si-ma-'LA-shun
Function:  noun

1:  to be made similar by an organized assimilation process
2:  to be altered by an organized assimilation process
3:  the assimilating of new entities into an existing cognitive structure 
4:  to absorb or be melded into the culture of a collective
5:  to be absorbed into a system, process or mindset
6:  to thoroughly comprehend a process, system or culture
7:  an act or process of assimilating individuals into a culture

8:  to absorb, ingest, or take in mentally or physically
9:  absorbing a group or culture into harmony with another