Pro∙ject De·vel·op·ment                                               
Pronunciation: 'pra-ject + di-'vel-up-ment      

Function: noun

1:  the state of a project being developed and managed
2:  the process or result of developing new projects or ideas
3:  the act of improving by expanding or enlarging or refining
4:  a process which passes by degrees to a different stage    

5:  to work out the different possibilities in developing an idea 
6:  to promote the growth of developing human resources
7:  to unfold logically by a process of controlled growth

8:  to grow and structure the further development of a project         

               Our Global Project Development Mission   

The global project development, funding and business model philosophies of Borg and ICG lends themselves to the art of strategic development and the power of controlling their own niche-based environments. Strategic development is the name given to the most important, difficult, and encompassing challenge that confronts any private or public business organization; that is .... how to lay the foundation to an innovative group of companies for tomorrow's success while competing and positioning itself to win in today's global economy. To map such a foundation and road map to success in the global gold, diamond, resource mining, technology, financial, insurance, alternative energy, manufacturing and real estate markets today, along with name recognition, required the Company’s Founder, President & CEO, R. Toby Bailey, PhD, MBA, to create a collective of radical and diverse business models, project financing/funding scenarios, project management consulting, private equity funding structures and asset acquisition methodologies.

This strategy would also include the creation of unique and rapid growth models that would adapt to, and in most cases, represent new standards in mining, commodity acquisition and processing, land/air logistics, refining, liquidation and secured commodity buy/sell transactions in developed market spaces around the world giving Borg and ICG a true and strong competitive advantage. Developing and maintaining a distinct competitive advantage requires not only winning the confidence and trust of the Consortium’s global Gold, Diamond Miners/Sellers; but outperforming competitors as well. This can be achieved in two distinct and quite unrelated ways; the first is by “strategic renovation” or renewal, and secondly, by “strategic invention” or reinvention. ICG Global has created a strategic renovation for Secured Commodity Transactions with the utilization of a Private Jet Air Service and Dubai Refinery Partner ... the integration of a Gold/Diamond Buying Compound in Accra, Ghana serving all surrounding African countries ... and the strategic invention of gold and diamond Business Models in Kenya, the Congo (DRC), South Africa, Brazil and the USA that create a radical shift in the conventional commodity relationships between commodity Buyers and Sellers.