Instrument Monetization & Trading
Location: London, U.K. - Europe
ICG VP: Martin Byrne   More ...

 icg/whitfield jewelry mfg

Custom Jewelry Manufacturing & Export
Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
ICG VP: Venessa Van Zeeburg   More ...

   icg WEST Africa SUPPLY 

Diamond/Gold Supply and Acquisition
Location: Ghana, West Africa
ICG VP: Prince Williams   More ...

    icg europe - switzerland

Asset Management and Gold Acquisition
Location: Bern, Switzerland - Europe
ICG VP: Andre Pekkarinen   More ...

          icg UNITED STATES​​​

Gold Mining, Project Funding & Financing
Location: Phoenix, Arizona USA
ICG VP: Huey McCutchen  More ...

       icg UNITED STATES

Asset Mgmt., Project Financing/Funding
Location: Tampa, Florida USA
ICG VP: Marvin Farr   More ...

    icg SOUTH america

Asset Management, Gold, Diamonds
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
ICG VP: Fabo Brandao   More ...

          icg africa - kenya

Gold and Rough Diamond Acquisition
Location: Nairobi, Kenya - East Africa
ICG VP: Wanjiku Thiongo   More ...

              global icg controlled or 100% owned business models 

           icg africa - guinea

Cutting and Polishing of Rough Diamonds
Location: Conakry, Guinea - West Africa
ICG Contact:  Denis Ekomemem  More ...

    icg/whitfield diamonds

Cutting and Polishing of Rough Diamonds

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

ICG VP: Venessa Van Zeeburg  More ...

                icg canada

Mining, Project Fiancing & Asset Mgmt. 
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada
ICG VP: Tracey Faber   More ...

          ​icg europe - spain

Asset Management, Gold & Diamonds
Location: Madrid, Spain - Europe
ICG VP: Gloria Rubio   More ...

        icg africa - tanzania

Gold and Rough Diamond Acquisition
Location: Dar es Salaam, Tazania
ICG VP: Melody Mpashi   More ...

           icg africa - ghana

Gold/Diamond Buying Depot & Compound
Location: Accra, Ghana - West Africa
ICG VP: Len Olson (USA)   More ...

                icg mexico

Asset Management & Project Financing
Location: Los Angeles, CA & Mexico
ICG VP: Ruben Gomez  More ...