icg offshore hedge fund 

Cayman Island Closed-End Hedge Fund for ICG Asset Management Clients with Bond & Trade Profits for Buy/Sell Deals. More ... 

​    gold, diamonds and skrs

ICG Accepts Gold Dore Bars and Bullion, Rough & Polished Diamonds, Other Stonesand SKRs for Monetization & Sale. More ...

  acquisitions/private equity

Borg acquires 51% to 100% of Companies in the Global Markets it Specializes in via Assimillation into the Borg Culture. More ..

Global Acquisitions and Equity

​    bank & trade instruments 

ICG works with Prime Bank SBLCs, BGs, and MT103 Instruments, cash-backed and leased for Monetization & Trade. More ...

  Hedge Fund Management Group

                    listing of borg and icg corporate business models 

 ​Real Estate Investment Trust

​      historical bonds & ltns

ICG has over 10,000 Historical Bonds under Asset Management for Trade & Sale, and LTN Bonds for Monetization/Sale. More ..  

  international reit group​​

This Group Buys, Acquires, Leverages & Creates Equity in Real Estate for Hedging, Trading & Transaction Collateral. More ..

  global project consulting

We Provide Management Consulting to our Global Clients with 5% to 50% Equity stake and 5% Consulting Fees. More ... 

 ​   global project financing 

ICG has structured a "hybrid" Project SBLC Funding Vehicle without Collateral, Annual Interest or Balloon Payments. More ... 

   onshore fund management

This Group Invests and Manages the Funds Deposited into the Borg and ICG Cayman Island Offshore Hedge Funds. More ...