Lithium-Ion Battery Systems manufacturing and Power Systems for IoT, Solar, Vehicle, Housing and Industrial Applications. More ...

Status: Active ... 100% Control 


The DNA of the V-Series Genetically Modified Organisms are Natural Nanobots programmed to destroy Bacterial & Viral Infections. More ...

Status: Active  ... 100% Control 


An ORACLE designed Financial Software tool offering Bank Core Solutions for Debit, Credit and Pre-Paid Cards. More ....

Status: Active ... 51% Control 

​    fiber & wireless networks​​

Broadband Wired/Wireless Networks, VoIP, and Long-Range IoT infrastructure for Asset Tracking, Monitoring & Reporting.  More ....  

Status: Pending Investment ... 51% Control

         ​borg television group

Borg TV will Stream Live and Linear Content Globally on any Device offering Cloud-Based OTT VOD, DVR & Advertising. More ....

Status: Active ... 100% Control

​       Aerolithe technologies

Carrier-Grade MetroWiFi Cloud Networks in Africa, the Caribbean and in North America via Borg Telecom and JV Contracts. More ..

Status: Active ... 100% Control

      A global listing of borg controlled and 100% owned projects 


  hesa global technologies

Hydrogen on Demand Power Plants and Electrolyzers for Water Purification, Generation and Remote Power. More ....

Status: Active ... 51% Control

​    fiber & wireless networks​​

Broadband Mesh Wireless Cloud Networks to 5 Universities, Mining City and Triple Play Fiber services to Residential clients. More ..

Status: Signed/Pending ... 51% Control


advanced wound management

An FDA Approved Transparent Wound Care Device that produces Biosynthetic Cellulose Biopolymer out of a known Bacteria. More ...

Status: Pending ... 60% Control 

     Wireless metro networks

Carrier-Grade MetroWiFi Cloud Networks in Tanzania. The Country License will be used to expand ISP and VoIP Services. More .... 

Status: Pending Full D/D ... 100% Control 


​    fiber & wireless networks

Implement Broadband Wireless MetroWiFi, VoIP Phone, Internet Access and Triple Play Fiber to Hotel & Residential clients. More ... 

Status: Signed/Pending ... 70% Control


Global Manure & Water Treatment, Water Generation Systems, Smart Eco-Cities and Hydrogen based Power Plants.  More ... 

Status: Pending Investment ..51% Control