Pronunciation: fôr mid-a-bel
Function:  adjective

1:  difficult to overcome, resist, or defeat
2:  of awesome strength, size, or difficulty
3:  instilling fear, serious apprehension, dread or alarm  
4:  intimidating in its style, form or fashion of operation
5:  arousing feelings of awe or admiration; impressive
6:  difficult to overcome, deal with, or defeat  
7:  of great strength; powerful in its physical format
8:  fit to arousing or inspiring fear or dread to onlookers     

One Goal …. One Purpose …. One Vision

​​Incorporated deep within our strategic vision is a project investment and business model development imagination that is based on unified global teamwork and a willingness to succeed. Every global consultant, project manager, mandate, executive or member within our global Borg and Consortium Groups, as well as any one of our project financiers, investors, sellers or JV partners; are affected by the invisible hand of our global purpose and vision. Creating changes in the fabric of the global gold, diamond, financial and precious metals mining industries with our unique one-of-a-kind controlled transaction concepts, is the central mission and primary focus of our distinct global business model methodologies. Our low risk/high project profit margin concepts, along with the processing, refining, liquidation and final payments of the target commodities have been carefully integrated and slowly refined into the structures of the Consortium Groups business models over the past seven years, and now become “standard procedure” when communicating with our ICG Project Teams around the world as a wholly owned part of Borg Global Holdings' public structure.

 The global business models and concepts behind our global project management and development reach in this modern world of internet marketers, financial fraudsters and commodity scammers are rather innovative by any business standard. Scrapping the old planning models and blueprints of most gold, diamond, financial, technology and project funding acquisition companies that use the “top-down” management approach; we work under a functional structure of a “collective” that utilizes the multiple talents, skill-sets and resources of our global Vice-Presidents, Project Managers, Project Joint Venture Partners and specialized Consultants. ICG’s presence in the global gold and diamond acquisition market starts with the purchase of gold dust, nuggets dore bars or rough diamonds from the Alluvial Miners, Small-Scale Miners and JV Seller Partners via our Accra, Ghana Gold Compound and on-the-ground commodity acquisition teams in all parts of Africa. Larger purchases of gold and diamonds from our contract Acquisition Partners are acquired via procedures executed by ICG from start-to-finish including Taxes, Export Fees, Private Jet Fees, Smelting, Testing, Security and movement to its Refinery Partner in Dubai or its own Refinery in the USA for final assay and full payment to the Seller. This end-to-end process, executed by ICG teams and controlled by Borg Global Holdings creates a formidable team ….. hard to replicate and very difficult to overcome or resist.