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Consultants, Supply Partners, Financial Partners and Trading Partners from around the world work as a team individually within their own countries and as a collective group when called upon. With global projects, acquisitions and structured transactions in the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Europe ...... All of us call Borg and ICG Global "home".                  We are the Borg ....... Resistance is Futile ........ 


Dr. Toby Bailey first developed a unique set of international Lean Management business models, Asset Management, Financial and Trading structures as integrated parts of a global Gold, Diamond, Oil & Gas, Trade and Hedge Fund Consortium Group cluster. He will continue to use his diverse global background to envision, create, develop and operate under Borg Global Holdings as an OTC public company in the 2nd Quarter 2017. This collective of Borg/ICG global acquisitions, business models, private equity investments, bank instrument and trading structures will be through the use of uniquely designed concepts, management consulting strategies and global methodologies for the benefit of his Borg Global Holdings and International Consortium Groups developed domestically here in the USA or internationally.

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R. Toby Bailey


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